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About the exam

The ABPI examinations department deliver qualifications for current or prospective medical representatives and other people who promote medicines in the UK. The Certificate of Achievement in the ABPI Advanced Professional Programme for Representatives is designed primarily for Medical Representatives, whilst the Certificate of Achievement in the ABPI Intermediate Professional Programme for Representatives is designed primarily for Generic Sales representatives.

These qualification titles were adopted on 01 July 2021, prior to which a Level 3 Diploma for Medical Representatives, was delivered alongside a Level 3 Certificate for Generic Sales Representatives.  The qualification curriculum remains exactly the same, and the qualifications continue to be accredited by SFJ Awards (formerly Industry Qualifications 2014-2020). 

Prior to January 2014 the exam was not formally accredited in the UK education system. 

These qualifications examine the skills and knowledge required to promote medicines. They cover different areas divided into units with credit values. In order to pass the Intermediate Professional Programme, you must achieve 31​ credits (made up of four mandatory ​units), and to pass the Advanced Professional Programme, at least 46 credits (made up of the mandatory units plus two or three disease area units). The Advanced Professional Programme is the appropriate examination for medical representatives and the Intermediate Professional Programme is appropriate for generic sales representatives. 

The ABPI Code of Practice states that medical representatives must take exams for all units within one year of beginning employment in the promotion of medicines to prescribers, and pass all units within two years. This time limit does not apply to candidates not currently employed in the promotion of medicines to prescribers.

When the accredited exam was introduced, there were some misconceptions around the newer exam. To find out more about the myths surrounding the accredited exam, please click here.

Click here for guidance on the types of questions that will appear in the exam. A Practice Test Paper assessing aspects of Units 1-4 can be downloaded through this link. 

Click the links below to find out more information about each qualification.

Medical representatives​​

​Please click here if you are, or are looking to become, a medical representative (you call on doctors and/or dentists and/or other prescribers and/or you promote medicines on the basis of their therapeutic properties).

Generic sales representatives​

Please click here ​if you are, or are looking to become, a generic sales representative (you promote medicines based on price, quality and availability to those who do not prescribe medicines).

Registrations before January 2014​​

Please click here ​if you registered for the ABPI Exam ​before January 2014.

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