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How much does the exam cost?

This information relates to the accredited ABPI exam.

In order to sit the ABPI Exam, you must purchase learning manuals. These colour, illustrated books are published by the ABPI and available for purchase at a cost of £155 plus £18.40 P&P (international delivery charges may apply for overseas delivery). These learning manuals cover all the material for both the Certificate and Diploma. 

E-learning is also available at a cost of £130 + VAT

The cost to sit each unit is £115 + VAT

Mandatory units sitting: £460 + VAT
Optional disease area units sitting: £345 + VAT

The total cost of ordering both types of learning materials and both mandatory and optional units is therefore £1295.40

Please note that this does not include any resits which can be booked at the same cost of £115 + VAT per unit.

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