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​​​The ABPI has developed online learning and practice questions for the accredited Diploma and Certificate; this e-learning package is available on the Learning materials​ page. If you do not wish to purchase this package, we have some examples of the types of questions you can expect to find in exams for accredited units. 

Number of questions

​The number of questions in the examination for each unit and the time for each unit paper can be found on the relevant unit pages on the About the exam​​​ page.

Style of questions ​

All questions in the exam are multiple choice with four possible answers with one correct answer. There is no negative marking. 

The questions will include the following question types:


A. Remembering - recall of factual information given in the learning materials


B. Understanding - straightforward questions based on information given in the learning manuals but which require a degree of understanding and/or interpretation of the materials

C. Applying knowledge

​D. Analysing

E. Evaluating - interpretation of data in tables or graphs. Understanding of data and some calculations may be required




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