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Unit 04 - Development and use of medicines

​​​​Development and use of medicines​​


​​This unit will give learners an understanding of the processes and requirements for testing and trials involved in developing new medicines.

Learners will also understand pharmacovigilance as the legal and ethical requirement to document and report information about the safety of a pharmaceutical company’s medicinal products.  

Learners will understand pharmacology as the study of the effects of chemical substances on the function of living systems and the primary causes of disease, and how the immune system of the body fights back against infectious disease.

This unit is assessed by a multiple choice exam made up of 45 questions, lasting 50 minutes. Passing it will gain you 8 credits.

Please note that the content in section ​​4.2.4 of Volume 1 of the learning materials regarding the use of statistics in medicine may be examined in all other units. You should bring a calculator to all exams. ​



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