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​​​​Welcome to the ABPI Exam website


​​​​​​​The ABPI Medical Representatives Exam is taken by representatives who call upon doctors, dentists and other UK prescribers and/or promote medicines on the basis of their therapeutic properties.​ It must be taken by all medical representatives working for companies who have agreed to abide by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry; this includes virtually all pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK. 

Medical representatives who call upon doctors and other prescribers and/or promote medicines on the basis of their therapeutic properties must take the exam within one year of employment in such a role and prior to passing the exam cannot be engaged in this type of employment for more than two years.


'Studying hard for the exam was well worth the end result for both myself and my employer as I feel much more confident in ensuring ABPI compliance and implementing scientific knowledge when talking to customers.

The qualification has given me a broad understanding of human body systems, disease pathology and various treatments for common disorders as well as an understanding of the NHS. This allows me to have a much deeper understanding of what my customers face on a day to day basis which is fantastic. 

Understanding not only the products you promote but these vital aspects of healthcare has allowed for a much more rounded approach to promoting my portfolio.​'​​

​​Luke, Account Representative


The sittings scheduled for Tuesday 11 August 2020 at the Hilton East Midlands Airport and Friday 14 August 2020 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre Heathrow have been cancelled. Cancellation of the examination sessions has been considered a responsible step given the current status of the Covid-19 situation, the latest Governmental advice, and remaining uncertainty regarding availability of the venues.

Please note that the sittings scheduled for Friday 10 July 2020 at the Hilton East Midlands Airport and Tuesday 14 July 2020 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol North have also been cancelled.


The Government have published 8 ‘live’ guidance documents on the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ("BEIS") site which can be accessed here - this guidance, which is intended to ensure there are safe return to work guidelines in place for all, and is open to updates, remains under review by the ABPI Examinations Team in the context of how and when we are able to resume delivery of the ABPI Exam. The safety and wellbeing of the Examinations Team and all our candidates remains our priority when considering the feasibility of upcoming Exam sittings. As soon as decisions are reached, this webpage will be updated.   


The ABPI Exams Team are currently exploring all possible solutions to exam delivery, and whilst these are time consuming, they are essential to maintaining the integrity of the qualification, and for providing assurance to candidates, both past and present, the industry, and patients that current candidates will have been assessed to as high a standard as pre-Covid. However, we are sorry that it is not possible to confirm any further details at this time. 


Any update with regard to either further disruption to sittings due to Covid-19 or alternative examination arrangements will appear here. 

Please note that if you are coming up to the end of your one year or two year time frame to take or pass the Exam, you will need to contact the PMCPA to arrange an extension to the time allowed using the link below.Where a candidate applying for an extension is currently employed, the PMCPA request that the employer makes the application on behalf of the candidate. 




If you have any queries please contact the ABPI Exams Team by email at 


Owing to the current COVID-19 situation all ABPI Examination Team are now working remotely. This will significantly reduce our ability to respond to phone calls so we would ask that, wherever possible, enquiries are made by e-mail. 

The ABPI Exams Team are continuing to consider how we can best support our candidates through the disruption caused by the novel corona virus COVID-19.  Please note there are now two sittings scheduled for July and August 2020 – please feel free to book yourself in these sittings should you wish to do so.

We continue to consider the feasibility of our currently scheduled exam sittings and whether alternatives could be offered. When considering alternatives, we must take into account the expectations of the qualification as per the ABPI Code of Practice, and the requirements as set out when the qualification was developed with our Awarding Organisation, SFJ Awards IQ.

In considering options, we are also asking the following questions:

As a centre, can we adapt our current assessment methods and practices to enable some assessments to continue where possible?

Our qualifications must continue to be delivered, assessed and internally quality assured, in ways that ensure the validity, authenticity and sufficiency of learner evidence, and to ensure the assessments will still achieve the relevant Assessment Criteria.

How are qualifications being delivered currently?

All qualifications must be delivered according to the published specification.

What changes to exams could we make?

All exams must adhere to the current SFJ Awards and IQ invigilation process.

Can assessments be postponed?

We know our Awarding Organisation supports and stands by centre decisions to postpone assessments where they feel this is a necessity due to the direct impact of COVID-19.

What does the ABPI Code of Practice state in relation to operation of a suitable exam?

"To be acceptable, an examination must have been accredited to at least Level 3 by an external awarding body recognised by Ofqual.

An appropriate examination for medical representatives is one that requires a broad understanding of body systems, diseases and treatments, the development of new medicines and the structure and function of the NHS and of the pharmaceutical industry…

The assessment must be under invigilated examination conditions."

How to get started​

A simple guide to the ABPI Exam can be found here.

Please begin by viewing the application process, then register for the site. After you have registered, please log in using the box on the right hand side of this page​.

A list of upcoming exam dates can be found here.

If you experience any problems or have a query please contact us​​.​​


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