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​​​​Welcome to the ABPI Exam website

The ABPI Medical Representatives Exam is taken by representatives who call upon doctors, dentists and other UK prescribers and/or promote medicines on the basis of their therapeutic properties.​ It must be taken by all medical representatives working for companies who have agreed to abide by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry; this includes virtually all pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK. 

Medical representatives who call upon doctors and other prescribers and/or promote medicines on the basis of their therapeutic properties must take the exam within one year of employment in such a role and prior to passing the exam cannot be engaged in this type of employment for more than two years.


'Studying hard for the exam was well worth the end result for both myself and my employer as I feel much more confident in ensuring ABPI compliance and implementing scientific knowledge when talking to customers.

The qualification has given me a broad understanding of human body systems, disease pathology and various treatments for common disorders as well as an understanding of the NHS. This allows me to have a much deeper understanding of what my customers face on a day to day basis which is fantastic. 

Understanding not only the products you promote but these vital aspects of healthcare has allowed for a much more rounded approach to promoting my portfolio.​'​​

​​Luke, Account Representative


From 1st July 2021, the qualification titles have changed – the Level 3 Diploma has now been renamed the Certificate of Achievement in the ABPI Advanced Professional Programme for Representatives, and the Level 3 Certificate has been renamed the Certificate of Achievement in the ABPI Intermediate Professional Programme for Representatives.  The qualifications continue to be accredited by SFJ Awards, and in all other aspects, remain exactly the same. Candidates who have been registered with SFJ Awards prior to 1st July 2021, will be awarded the Diploma or Certificate (as appropriate) when passing.  Candidates being registered with SFJ Awards from 1st July 2021, will be awarded the Certificate in the Advanced or Intermediate Programme (as appropriate) upon passing the qualification.  The 2021 ABPI Code of Practice is in effect as of the 1st July 2021 and reflects the title changes outlined above.  Should any candidate have a query, please contact the Examinations Team: 

The ABPI examination sittings are delivered through the ABPI Exam Online portal. 

Exam bookings are transferred to the new online exam platform, to be sat during a multi-day examination window. For details, please see the Upcoming Exam sittings page. Following the closing date for each sitting, candidates will receive log in details for the Online platform by email, alongside instructions on how to schedule each exam unit individually within the sitting window.

Once a candidate's exam profile has been transferred to the online exam platform, candidates will receive log in details by email, alongside instructions on how to schedule each exam unit individually within the sitting window.

Guidance for ABPI online Examinations can be found here

Online FAQs can be found here 

ABPI Examination Regulations 2020, which must be read before sitting an exam online, can be found here. 


Please note that if you are coming up to the end of your one year or two year time frame to take or pass the Exam, you will need to contact the PMCPA to arrange an extension to the time allowed using the link below.


The PMCPA have published additional guidance on extensions to the time allowed under the Code of Practice, which can be found here.


Owing to the current COVID-19 situation all ABPI Examination Team continue to work remotely, and we ask that, wherever possible, enquiries are made by e-mail to:

How to get started​

Please begin by viewing the application process, then register for the site. After you have registered, please log in using the box on the right hand side of this page​.

If you experience any problems or have a query please contact us​​.​​


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