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​​Once logged in, candidates will only see sittings which are relevant to their exam history and qualification as well as the remaining capacity of the sitting​. The booking system will not display sittings which are after a candidate's "must-be-attained-by" date or beyond the closing date for the sitting. Please see the FAQ for how to request an extension to the "must-be-attained-by" date. It is not possible to make a booking for an exam sitting after the closing date.

If a sitting is fully booked, no further spaces are available unless another candidate cancels their place. Click the 'Alert me' button to be notified when someone drops out of a sitting.

The closing date (after which no further changes or additions can be made to sittings) is four weeks before each sitting, unless stated otherwise. 

Please note that from May 2020, the Park Inn Heathrow will change its name to the Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre, Heathrow. This is the same venue as previously.


The latest Government guidance in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic situation has been duly considered in conjunction with the ABPI approach to the health and wellbeing of candidates and staff, and exam venue operating procedures.  As a result, none of the October, November and December ABPI examination sittings will be delivered as a face to face exam as originally planned. 

Exam bookings will be transferred to the new online exam platform we are rolling out over ensuing weeks. We are communicating directly with all Candidates currently booked to take examinations across October, November and December, to ensure a smooth transition and a positive experience for all. We hope to confirm examination arrangements for 2021 in the coming weeks.

Guidance for ABPI online Examinations can be found here

Online FAQs can be found here 

ABPI Examination Regulations 2020’ can be found here. 


Any update with regard to either further disruption to sittings due to Covid-19 or alternative examination arrangements will appear here.  


If you have any queries please contact the ABPI Exams Team by email at 

Sitting window
​Closing Date
​​09:00 26 October to 18:00 30 October 2020
ABPI Exam Online
12 October 2020
09:00 ​02 November to 18:00 06 November 2020
ABPI Exam Online
19 October 2020
​09:00 16 November to 18:00 20 November 2020
​ABPI Exam Online
​02 November 2020
09:00 01 December to 18:00 07 December 2020
ABPI Exam Online
16 November 2020
​09:00 18 January to 18:00 22 January 2020
​ABPI Exam Online
​10 January 2020
​09:00 15 February to 18:00 19 February 2020
​ABPI Exam Online
​18 January 2020
​09:00 15 March to 18:00 19 March 2020
​ABPI Exam Online
​15 February 2020
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