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​​Once logged in, candidates will only see sittings which are relevant to their exam history and qualification as well as the remaining capacity of the sitting​. The booking system will not display sittings which are after a candidate's "must-be-attained-by" date or beyond the closing date for the sitting. Please see the FAQ for how to request an extension to the "must-be-attained-by" date. It is not possible to make a booking for an exam sitting after the closing date.

If a sitting is fully booked, no further spaces are available unless another candidate cancels their place. Click the 'Alert me' button to be notified when someone drops out of a sitting.

The closing date (after which no further changes or additions can be made to sittings) is four weeks before each sitting, unless stated otherwise. 

Sitting date
​Closing Date
​31 January 2020
Park Inn Heathrow
​03 January 2020
​04 February 2020
​​​​​​Hilton Manchester Airport
​07 January 2020
​13 March 2020
Park Inn Heathrow
​14 February 2020
21 April 2020
​​Hilton East Midlands Airport
​24 March 2020
​15 May 2020
​Park Inn Heathrow
​17 April 2020
16 June 2020​​​​​​Hilton Manchester Airport
​19 May 2020
​14 July 2020
​Double Tree by Hilton Bristol North
​16 June 2020
​11 August 2020
​Hilton East Midlands Airport
​14 July 2020
​18 September 2020
​Park Inn Heathrow
​21 August 2020
​27 October 2020
​Hilton Manchester Airport
​29 September 2020
​06 November 2020
​Park Inn Heathrow
​09 October 2020
03 December 2020
Hilton East Midlands Airport
​05 November 2020
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