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How to book an exam

​​​All exam bookings must be made via this website.

We suggest that before making any bookings you order and receive learning materials to enable you to estimate how much time you require to study - this varies from individual to individual.

Please note that exam sittings can be booked up well in advance (2 to 3 months in advance). For those working in promotional roles, you must account your time limit to take and/or pass the ABPI Exam when booking exams and book your exams well in advance of your time limits.

To book an exam

Start by going to the home page to view upcoming sittings and log in if you haven't already. You can then view details of the available venues, including driving directions, and the booking cut off date (usually four weeks before the sitting). After this date, no more bookings can be made.

Once you have selected a sitting, click 'Book an exam'. You will then be required to enter the units you would like to sit in the selected window. If it is your first attempt,  you must sit all units in a sitting (mandatory or optional disease area) in the same exam window.

After confirming your unit selection, make a payment. This confirms your booking. Make a note of the cut off date for the sitting you have selected - up until this date you can change the date of your sitting​, for example if you need more time to study. After this date you will not be able to make any changes to your booking and must sit the exam on the selected date or forfeit the cost of the booking. Once the sitting has closed, you will be able to schedule each unit exam individually within the Online Exam portal (QuestionMark).

If you change your mind within fourteen days of booking you may cancel your exam and receive a full refund. After fourteen days, no refund is available and you may only postpone your exam (up until the booking cut off date).

Once you have booked an exam, the ABPI will contact you with any further relevant information regarding your booking if necessary. It is your responsibility to schedule your proctor session and attend at the correct time with all technological requirements in place. 

If you have any queries about the booking process please contact us​.


​If you fail a unit, you may resit it, as long as you are within your time limit ​for passing the exam (see FAQs​). You can book a resit in the same way as booking an exam for the first time.You must resit all units within a sitting you have not yet passed at the same time.

Candidates will not normally be required to resit units they have previously passed; the only exception to this is if a long time had elapsed since the unit was passed ​and substantial changes to the content to be learned have been made since it was passed.

Alert Lists

Where an exam sitting is fully booked, you can add yourself to the "alert list" to be notified by email if a space becomes available due to a cancellation. In the event of a space becoming available, an email is sent to all candidates on the alert list at the same time.

The space is available for booking on a strictly first-come first-served basis. If you have received an alert email but the booking system shows that no spaces are available, unfortunately the space has already been booked.

Please note that we do not guarantee spaces will become available for a particular sitting and, therefore, we advise candidates not to rely on cancellations when considering the time limit for achieving the qualification.


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